“You have to be crazy to be in this family.”

This is our family’s website. There’s not much here for people that don’t know us. There’s actually not that much here for anyone at all yet. We’re still adding content. If you have suggestions or requests, feel free to let us know. You can get to individual family member’s pages below.


Dolly is helping Gib with the new office and has started working with CASA again.


Gilbert has opened a new office in Celina, TN.


Gena is an Assistant Professor in the Epilepsy Division of the Department of Neurology at UPitt.


Garth and his brood are making sure that Allyson is never for want of something to do.


Jorge is keeping Zack busy and entertained.


Mary and Gabe are getting very little sleep, and Ted just couldn’t be any cuter.


Zach and Dorothy make sure that Grace smiles every day.


GR left us much too soon. We all miss him painfully.


Gillie is happy to be back in the states but misses the island life and her peeps in Kwaj.